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Workshops are now available in-person and online via Zoom.

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The University Center for Academic Excellence offers a wide variety of workshops on topics that strengthen students' academic success.  These highly interactive workshops are led by staff and trained graduate students virtually, on-site and across campus. You can click here for the workshop calendar page. Workshop registration is not required, and students are admitted as they arrive until the workshop reaches capacity. Please bring student identification card to check-in for in-person workshops. Late arrivals may not be admitted. Online workshops may require students to sign-in with their NinerNet credentials. 

All workshop topics can be covered in a Personal Academic Consultation

Workshop Topics:

Discover ways to improve your grades, while learning how to process course content effectively and prepare for testing. 
Discover tips to help get you refocused and stay motivated throughout the semester.
Learn to communicate more effectively with your professor and develop a relationship that promotes academic success, along with tips on how to be successful and establish your presence in a large class.
Discover the origins of procrastination and strategies you can employ to combat procrastination in your academic and personal lives.
Identify short- and long-term goals, and create a specific, realistic, and well informed action plan for achieving them.
Explore Growth Mindset and motivation and discover how perception can influence development in academics and beyond
Learn about the CEO of the brain, executive function abilities, how to engage and strengthen these abilities that are critical to academic success
Discover how to create a dynamic presentation and how your audience that you are truly a SUPERSTAR!
Increase your awareness of campus resources that promote academic success and a stronger connection to Niner Nation.
Learn how to effectively align how the brain naturally learns with the demands of the college classroom. Workshop adapted from the ‘New Science of Learning’ by Terry Doyle and Todd Zakrajsek.
Increase your awareness and perception of stress. Identify resources to minimize stressors and improve wellbeing.
Learn to effectively organize your time and tasks so you can accomplish your goals.
Maximize your note-taking and reading skills to grasp the main concepts and ideas from lectures and textbooks.