To misquote Shakespeare, be not afraid of online classes. Some are born to take online classes, some choose to take online classes, and some have online classes thrust upon them.

No matter how you ended up here, the UCAE is ready to help you master online classes. Check out the links below to learn about getting started with online classes, communicating with faculty, using your resources, managing your time, and managing your wellness. But no matter what, just #KeepLearning.

Getting Started in Online Classes

Communication in Online Classes

Using Resources

Managing Your Time in Online Classes

Managing Your Wellness

Online Testing

Additional Resources

Students with a Disability

If you are facing an issue in an online class that is related to a disability, contact the Office of Disability Services at 704-687-0040 or email disability@charlotte.edu to discuss available accommodations and advocacy. 

Online Learning 101

The University of North Carolina system developed an introduction to online learning including a review of what technology specifications you'll need to get started. 


SPILLING THE TEA WITH the UCAE. Want to know how to make the grades you want? Check out this tea from UCAE Peer Leaders. Set Your Mindset: Peer Tutor Neud's says: "The most important thing is to be honest with yourself. Get to know what works and does not work for you. It is crucial that you are honest with yourself when it comes to picking a major, studying, and even when it comes to picking class times. The more you know yourself and take responsibility for your actions, the more you will enjoy college. Along with that, be wary of people who tell you everything is hard or stressful. Remember rumors are stories of uncertain or doubtful truth. All I do is show up and believe nothing is hard." Create Your Environment: Peer Mentor Kaitlin suggests: "Give yourself a dedicated workspace away from distractions. Make a schedule and stick to it. Include committed times for school and free time. Try to work outside the spaces where you relax and sleep. Set boundaries with the people and animals you share your space with. Your time to focus is your time, whether you are home or not. Safely spend time outdoors. If you need technology, check the campus for available resources. Show up to meetings- be mentally present during lectures and other online meetings. Over communicate with friends, family, and professors. End your day with a routine that signals the end of working or waking hours. Celebrate your wins and recognize your progress." Be Strategic: Peer Assisted Learning Leader Siera has some tactical suggestions: "Read the text book and take notes. Prepare for class ahead of time. If you are having trouble with material, don't be afraid to reach out to a fellow classmate, talk to the professor, or use UCAE services. Use additional resources like YouTube or Khan Academy. Reward yourself and take breaks. Utilize the syllabus and course schedule. Take advantage of small assignments- they can add up and really affect your grade."