Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

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The Peer Assisted Learning program’s mission is to offer students additional academic group study support led by Peer Leaders, current students who have completed the course successfully. PAL sessions are facilitated by peer leaders who have been trained to guide students and apply course concepts through fun and collaborative activities that provide more practice in Charlotte’s most challenging courses. PAL is not a “quick fix.” Therefore, it is encouraged for students to attend early and as often as possible to obtain the best results. Students who attend PAL sessions are shown to produce higher final course grades than students who do not attend. We are committed to offering high-quality sessions by continually training our Peer Leaders in professional development and teaching and learning strategies appropriate for group study.

What to expect from a PAL session:

When you come to a PAL session, you should encounter a friendly PAL leader ready to help you practice and understand course concepts further in a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere. PAL sessions are collaborative in nature. You should expect to work in small groups, although you might work individually sometimes. PAL leaders are encouraged to utilize fun and exciting strategies to help students gain a better understanding of course material.