Appointment Scheduling

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Virtual tutoring appointments are now available!
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  • If you’d like to schedule a new appointment, you may do so through Connect.
  • If you currently have an appointment scheduled, please check your email for updates and instructions.
  • Any questions or concerns about your online tutoring appointments can be directed to 704-687-7837,, and/or your tutor.
  • Connect will only allow you to make an appointment for courses you are currently enrolled in.
  • Tutoring for classes you are not enrolled in: If you’d like to schedule a tutoring appointment for a course you’ve taken in the past or are taking in a future semester, please fill out the following form.

Scheduling Details

  • Available for currently enrolled undergraduate students with a valid email address.
  • Appointments are scheduled 12 hours to 14 days in advance with a maximum of 5 at any given time.
  • To increase the number of students we are able to serve, we have select availability that can accommodate up to 3 students in the same course as a group tutoring session. Some courses may only offer group tutoring appointments. You may not request a one-on-one appointment with a tutor who offers group tutoring appointments.
  • DO NOT schedule a tutoring appointment if you will possibly cancel or no-show.
  • Canceling within 4 hours of your appointment start time is considered a no-show.
  • 1 no-show or 3 cancellations result in academic support account deactivation in Connect, therefore prohibiting you from making any additional appointments. To re-activate your Connect account, please fill out the following form. This may only be done once each semester.
  • Recurring Appointments: Students must have at least one meeting with a Peer Tutor before a request for recurring appointments will be approved. Students may only have one recurring appointment per class each semester due to the limited availability of our tutoring staff. Please inquire about recurring appointments with your Peer Tutor during your individual appointment.

For courses currently not supported, please email with your request.

704-687-7837 | | Colvard North 2300