Tutoring Expectations

Tutee Responsibilities & Expectations

  1. Be a responsible and accountable student:
    • Check your voicemail and charlotte.edu email for messages from the UCAE Front Desk or Tutorial Services Administrators.
  2. Be a committed student:
    • Attend your class regularly to help facilitate your tutoring session with content and questions.
    • Prepare for each session by reviewing the material you would like covered.
    • Bring an agenda or list of questions to share with your tutor.
    • Participate actively by asking questions, completing practice problems, etc.
    • Attend all scheduled appointments. Arrive on time or early and bring all academic support materials (textbooks, notes, worksheets, pen/pencil, calculator, syllabus, etc.)
  3. Be an understanding and ethical student:​​
    • Understand that your Peer Tutor is not the subject matter expert nor your professor. Peer Tutors are students who are constantly learning new methods of application for subject material. Do not expect your Peer Tutor to know all of the answers to all of your questions.
    • Peer Tutors are here to assist you in understanding the material and will show you ways to study the course curriculum. They will not help you complete homework, nor are they a substitute for attending lectures.
    • Peer Tutors cannot complete or grade homework assignments, quizzes, projects, tests, webwork, or any other materials submitted for a grade.
    • Cheating or misuse of resources of any kind will not be tolerated.


We regard information gained from students, instructors, or counselors to be highly confidential. Test scores, grade reports, personal matters shared with Peer Tutors and staff, and matters related to students’ disabilities are not discussed beyond the context of the tutorial relationship.

The UCAE Tutorial Services program adheres to the university code of student academic integrity

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