Cancellation, No-Show, and Reactivation



  • CANCEL a scheduled appointment up to 4 hours before the appointment start time through CONNECT or by calling the Front Desk (Colvard 2200) at 704-687-7837.
  • 3 Cancellations for any UCAE service appointment count toward deactivation for UCAE services. For example, cancelling 2 Personal Academic Consultations (PACs) plus 1 Tutorial Services appointment will result in deactivation.
  • Students should not text, call, or email UCAE Peer Tutors to cancel appointments. All communication about cancellations must go through CONNECT or the Front Desk.
  • A scheduled appointment canceled within 4 hours of an appointment start time is considered a No-Show and will result in temporary account deactivation until certain steps are taken to reactivate your account. Do not panic if your account has been deactivated – see below for instructions on how to remedy the situation.


  • The UCAE Reactivation Policy requires students to complete the Reactivation Request Form and guarantee both text and email reminders are selected for all future appointments (Tutoring and Personal Academic Consultations).

  • Once the form and reminders are completed, our office will review your CONNECT account and restore your account for academic service access. Please note after multiple reactivations, your account may be suspended.